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Welcome to

Natura Italy

We've created a unique Italy experience for you!

Come experience an unspoiled, authentic Italian life tour.

Culture. Food. Nature. Wine. Mountain and Sea


Let's build your life-changing tour together!

Contact us if you want to discuss your Abruzzo adventure.

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Our Tour Packages


$1000 per day

on groups of up to 4 people

Minimum 4 days 

Maximum 14 days


$1800 per day

on groups up to 8 people

Minimum 4 days

Maximum 14 days

Price starts from $1000 per day

Our Services


We have curated exclusive, limited packages that combine nature, culture, food and wellness. This package offers a veritable taste of "la dolce vita". Abruzzo is the region in central Italy that boasts the highest peak of the Appenines and the largest national parks as well as beautiful beaches and picturesque, historical towns.


Our packages include lodging, all meals, some alcoholic beverages, cooking class, yoga on mountain, winery tour, beach strolls, trail hikes, and dinner at a Michelin star restaurant! All internal travel including pickup and dropoff  at Fiumicino airport is also included. Indulge yourself and book your dream vacation today.

Our package is limited to groups of up to 8 people. We want to make your experience YOURS.

Bring your family and friends and become part of our family!

We are an inclusive organization. We believe love is love and everyone has the right to live as their authentic selves. 

We look forward to hosting like-minded guests.

CONTACT US through our email at or send us a message in our chatbox.

Our tours are like being part of our family,
filled with food, joy, history, culture, and beauty.

Our Partners

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What's included?



Accomodation will be in shared villas or apartments with shared bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas. 

Kitchen will be stocked with snacks and drinks. 

Outdoor areas will have tables and chairs for enjoying the scenery. 


Ground Transportation

We will pick up the group on the first day at Fiumicino Airport in Rome in an air conditioned luxury mini-van. All ground transportation of our 6 day itinerary will be in the same van. Travel back to Fiumicino at the end of our tour. 

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All Meals

All meals will be provided, cooked daily with local, seasonal ingredients. 

Restaurant outings will also be included with sampler plates and table wines. A special dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant.

Picnic-type meals with local "arrosticini" will also be enjoyed when we hike the mountains.

The cooking class will prepare a meal for the group.


Museums, Castles and Abbeys

General and personalized entrance of our group to local museums, abbeys and castles. 

Sense the stories of long ago through the walls, windows and arches. 

Walk the paths of monks, knights and common country folk. 

Fill your minds with visions of the renaissance.

Winery Tour.jpg

Winery Tours

Abruzzo is evolving into one of the best producers of wine in Italy. 

Local wineries are shifting from quantity to quality, moving from coops to family based wineries with "gout de terroir" of specific local grapes.

We will be visiting a local winery for wine tasting, process tour and a delicious meal.


Yoga, Forest Bathing & Cooking Class

La Dolce Vita is also one that brings peace and nourishment to the body and soul. 

We will have yoga classes organized during the week and will provide yoga mats.

Cooking class will also be given so you can learn and share a special meal back home. 

What's NOT included?



Airfare is not included. 

When booking your flight, consider our included ground transport to and from Fiumicino Airport, Rome. 

Travel Insurance.jpg

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance isn't required but is highly recommended as Natura is not liable for injury, illness or cancelled flights. 

Unlimited Alcohol.png

Unlimited Alcohol

We provide table wine and beer with our lunch and dinners but we don't offer an open bar. 

Drunkenness is not tolerated during the tour. We ask everyone to drink responsibly. 

What's Included

Our Story

We are a small cohesive "family" of international professionals who have discovered (and rediscovered) this timeless gem in Abruzzo Italy. Our team came together organically, in a truly Italian way, around the dinner table. We all felt compelled to share this unique and authentic experience with travelers who are looking for a true taste of Italian life.  We have over 100 years of travel, hospitality, wellness, and Italian roots between us! 

About Us

Sandra and Jessie are US imports that fell in love with the small town in Abruzzo and decided to make it their new home and life. Sandra is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master. Jessie is a history junkie, great story-teller and author.

Sandra and Jessie

Meet The Team


Melinda and Maurizio

Melinda and Maurizio are veterans of the travel industry and have realized how unique Abruzzo is and what it can offer. Maurizio is a commercial airline pilot that has traveled the globe. Melinda is an amazing cook and entertainment organizer that co-created this unique Italy experience.

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Natura Italy

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