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Our Story

We are a small cohesive "family" of international professionals who have discovered (and rediscovered) this timeless gem in Abruzzo Italy. Our team came together organically, in a truly Italian way, around the dinner table. We all felt compelled to share this unique and authentic experience with travelers who are looking for a true taste of Italian life.  We have over 100 years of travel, hospitality, wellness, and Italian roots between us! 

About Us

Sandra and Jessie are US imports that fell in love with the small town in Abruzzo and decided to make it their new home and life. Sandra is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master. Jessie is a history junkie, great story-teller and author.

Sandra and Jessie

Meet The Team


Melinda and Maurizio

Melinda and Maurizio are veterans of the travel industry and have realized how unique Abruzzo is and what it can offer. Maurizio is a commercial airline pilot that has traveled the globe. Melinda is an amazing cook and entertainment organizer that co-created this unique Italy experience.

Natura Retreat

Contact Us

Italy Location:


Abruzzo, Italy

Tel. No. 936-718-1991

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